What Is Driving Assistance?

What Is Driving Assistance?

Driving assistance is a safety system that informs or assists the driver to free him from specific tasks that risk weakening his vigilance or allowing him to avoid a dangerous situation that could end in a road accident such as hitting on speedbumps  for example.

Some Examples Of Driving Aids

Today, many manufacturers are working on developing driving assistance systems to make the driver’s experience behind the wheel more accessible and more reassuring. Here are some examples to give you an idea:

Adaptive Cruise Control

It is a device very appreciated by motorists. It makes it possible to maintain a given speed and adapt it to the vehicle in front to maintain a safe distance. Drivers appreciate this feature on the highway, especially when driving a long distance.

How Does Cruise Control Work?

Adaptive Headlights

For many, driving in the dark is a real ordeal. Adaptive headlights on many cars (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc.) and adapt to light conditions. In particular, they make it possible to avoid turning off the full headlights when passing other cars and can even turn off when you are in a very bright area, then turn on again when darkness returns.

Blind Spot Detector

Also called BLIS, it is an efficient system when you want to overtake many times in the fast lane. It is not always easy to pay attention to cars that are in the blind spot of the mirror, so this system displays a pictogram in the corner of the mirror if a vehicle is in the blind spot when you operate the blinker.

Night Vision

It is a system only available from certain brands such as DS, Audi, BMW, or even Mercedes. It allows the presence of a pedestrian, an animal, or a cyclist to appear on the screen well before they are visible using the headlights. As we said above, night driving is never easy, so this technology is a real ally for those not very comfortable with night driving.