Real-time Bidding Videos Make It Easy to Convert More Impressions

Real-time Bidding Videos Make It Easy to Convert More Impressions

What is the deal with real-time bidding videos? Let’s start with some facts. 77% of American buyers will view an online video in the next month. This is a large percentage that indicates a shift in consumer preference to online video viewing. The online video market is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2012’s end. There is a lot of potential for customers in the video advertising market. Let’s now get to the real question: How do you convert?

Real-time bidding is a great option. Online video real-time bidding (RTB), is one of the most effective ways to convert customers. These are just a few of the many reasons RTB is fast becoming the new Internet advertising industry goldfield.

* You can bid in real time

* Before bidding, you have full access to all media placements.

* Before you place a bid, you will be informed about the placement of your ad, whether it was user-initiated (or auto-initiated).

* Micro-targeting is possible to optimize your audience for the best ad placement.

* Each campaign is fully analysed to improve ROI.

* Automated optimization can be used to maximize campaign conversion rates

RTB is similar to conventional advertising. However, it appears in videos rather than dedicated ad space. The process can enhance or replace many of the traditional ad allmyfriendsaremodels tools and benefits you are used to. These are the top features of a reliable RTB provider.

* You don’t have to spend advertising money on ads in poor places. Instead, you can adapt your strategy as you go. RTB lets you set spend limits for each ad to improve cost-performance ratios.

* Targeting power. RTB’s main goal is to convert customers. You can use user-synching and bidding in real-time which allows you to maximize your leverage to get the highest conversion rate.

* Insightful analytics. To build great advertising campaigns, you must know the market, the customers, and the placements. You can find the right solution for the moment by monitoring the performance of your ads campaigns.

Real-time bidding videos are not a passing fad. Experts predict that real-time bidding will grow rapidly, so if you start playing right now, you can expect to make some big conversions in the months ahead.