Cosmetics For Pregnancy And Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy

Should cosmetics and chemicals be used during pregnancy?

About hair dye: Currently, there is no evidence that mother dyeing her hair affects the development and formation of the fetus, but to be sure it is safe, the mother should abstain from the first 3 to 4 months of pregnancy. If the fetus has formed enough parts, stronger, thenBlog Y Khoa you should intend to dye your mother’s hair. In addition, mothers should also abstain from personal care services such as saunas or massage baths during the first 3 months and even throughout pregnancy because the increase in body temperature during pregnancy can increase the risk. malformations in the fetus.

Use cosmetics: lipstick, powder, nail polish

When using these cosmetics, pregnant women should absolutely stay away from products containing lead, a cause that can affect the development of the fetus and brain. You can use natural cosmetics. natural, safe for the body, or can minimize the use of cosmetics during her pregnancy.

Cosmetics For Pregnancy And Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy

Activities to avoid during pregnancy

  • Diets climbing, heavy work because the fetus during pregnancy period is a new form easily affected by the activities of the parent
  • Abstain from bending up and down often to avoid dizziness and lightheadedness due to slow blood flow to the brain.
  • Avoid squatting, standing for too long or getting up and down suddenly
  • Avoid holding one position for too long as it can cause swelling or vein problems. Try to change your mother’s position often!
  • Avoid crossing your legs and bending your knees because it will limit blood circulation to your legs. It can also cause varicose veins, a common symptom in pregnant women.
  • Diets took things stand choked on high foot
  • Limit exposure to chemicals such as mosquito sprays, insect repellents, cleaning chemicals, javen, etc.
  • Avoid paints: The toxicity of paint depends on the solvent and chemical in the paint as well as the level of exposure. There is no way to measure actual exposure to paint toxicity, so avoid contact with paint as much as possible!
  • Avoid wearing high heels: pregnant women should wear high heels of 3cm or less, wide for safety. Especially when the pregnancy is large, the body’s center of gravity changes, it will be more difficult for the mother to move.
  • Avoid hot tubs or saunas: Because high body temperature in the first trimester can lead to some birth defects, even miscarriage, stillbirth.
  • Do not remove cat feces: Cat feces can contain bacteria that carry toxoplasmosis, a rare parasitic disease that adversely affects the health of mother and baby.
  • Stay away from tobacco/tobacco smoke: There are about 4,000 chemicals in smoke and some have been linked to cancer. Exposure to secondhand smoke during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight babies, learning or behavior problems, sudden infant death syndrome, etc.
  • Some drugs can have adverse effects on the fetus, so consult your doctor directly before taking the drug to ensure safety.

The new stage of pregnancy, especially the first 3 months of the fetus, is only a small dot, but all the effects of the mother can have a great influence on the development and formation of the baby. To get more information from bác sĩ sản khoa giỏi ở tphcm. Therefore, mothers need to pay attention to the nutritional menu, supplement daily with supplements as well as have a suitable lifestyle to ensure a safe pregnancy as well as provide the best nutrients for both mother and baby at this stage. the beginning of this life.