Best Telugu Movies That are Related to You

Best Telugu Movies That are Related to You

People worldwide have shown their love for Telugu movies in various forms, like downloading the AHA application, opening their 1st show box office with $1 million, and many more ways. Watching Telugu movies online, Telugu originals, and live shows online is only possible because of these OTT platforms. There are top-rated movies in the Telugu industry that can be related to ourselves. Some scenes in Telugu movies are pure fantasies, but the fact is. Still, we all love to see them. Telugu movies online or a series of romantic scenes can be related to our love life. In Watching Telugu movies online, we can also connect to our family members’ relationships as they exhibit actual values. In November 2020, there were many releases on the AHA app. Most of them are based on Romance, and people have shown so much love over the Telugu movies. Making our lives beautiful during the pandemic and after that Telugu movies have done a great job in every plot, they have been working. Telugu movies online have developed overseas fans through the AHA app and many other OTT platforms.

Krishna and his Leela is a Telugu movie released during the covid pandemic situation on June 25, 2020. It is directed by RavikanthPerepu and produced by Rana Daggubati. It is a romantic and a comedy movie. Krishna played a romantic role, who has two women in his life, Sathya and Radha. Rukhsar is the third woman in this movie. She used to watch the Romance of Krishna with Sathya and Radha. The film begins with Krishna breaking up with her girlfriend, Sathya. He was younger than her. She thought that she should go out of love and then dumps him. Then he was struggling, crying to sleep. Eventually, he found his soul mate in Radha, who is a junior in college. Krishna was working and landed up in Bangalore, where Sathya lives. He was stuck in the chaos that he created. He loved both of them and cannot live without one. What do you think? Whom will he choose, Radha or Sathya?

This movie holds suspense along with comedy, which makes it a must-watch movie. It has a fantastic climax. The costuming, style, lighting and décor fits the film perfectly making it one of the best Tollywood movie today.


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